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PYFC Week 4!

Message from our president:

Good Evening everyone!

Another great weekend of games coming up! 
Just a few things to review, if I may.

Homecoming game is this Friday
We would love to see everyone there in their Jersey’s/program shirts to cheer on our Varsity team!! 
We would love to see everyone at our home game on Saturday as well at 2:00, 4:00, & 6:00 against Fairport Red!

Our spirit store will be opening up again in the next day or two for a short period of time. 
As soon as the link is available we will send it out.  

If your child is not feeling well, please do not bring them to practice/games
Reach out to your coach and let them know your child will be skipping that day. 
If your child has tested positive for COVID, we will be following the same guidelines as our schools. 
Your child will be asked to stay away from practice/games for 5 days
They may return once they are fever/symptom free for 24hours after the 5 day period.   

Thank you for your continued support with the parking lot situation on days Harris Whalen Lodge is rented. 
We realize it is inconvenient but much appreciated!!

That is all for now.  Thank you all for a great season so far!!!

SaturdayLocationBoard Representation
7th Grade
Vikings vs Bengals
 Bucs vs Chiefs
Seahawks vs Jaguars
49ers vs Bills
Harris Whalen ParkChristina Cavaleri;
Mike Wolbert
2:00K-2 Flag Syracuse vs Fairport RedHarris Whalen ParkLiz Applewhite
4:00TackleC BlackHarris Whalen ParkLiz Applewhite
6:00TackleB BlackHarris Whalen ParkLiz Applewhite
9:00K-2 FlagOregon & Michigan vs Irondequoit 260 Cooper Rd, Irondequoit High SchoolBen Siriani
9:00K-2 FlagNotre Dame vs Greece Chargers 1139 Maiden Lane, Greece Olympia High School NA
9:00K-2 FlagHuskies vs Fairport Fairport High School NA
10:30TackleC Red vs Greece Chargers 1139 Maiden Lane, Greece Olympia High SchoolKelly Horowitz
12:30TackleB Red vs Greece Chargers 1139 Maiden Lane, Greece Olympia High SchoolLiz Applewhite
2:30TackleA Red vs Greece Chargers  1139 Maiden Lane, Greece Olympia High SchoolStephanie Devaux
Tammy Smith
Kyle Vosburgh
Liz Applewhite

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